Case Study: Bespoke braided Kevlar cable technology saves the day for aluminium foil manufacturer


A global aluminium foil manufacturer was suffering numerous production delays due to mechanical failings of their existing cable solution.

Heatsense used its extensive knowledge of high-tech fibre manufacturers to identify a flexible and robust solution utilising a braided Kevlar cable. The introduction of a new Kevlar material increased product lifetime four times over and exceeded initial technical design specifications



Heatsense used its extensive knowledge of high-tech fibre manufacturers to identify a bespoke, flexible and robust cable solution. A solution that included high wear-resistant, high temperature, cost-effective material – namely, Special Grade Kevlar (commonly used in bullet-proof and ballistic vests). Using this new material, Heatsense braided the Kevlar around Type K Thermocouple conductors.

Prototypes were manufactured, tested and sent to the customer for feedback. Upon receiving the new Kevlar Thermocouple conductors, the customer reported new bespoke cable now exceeded the original technical design specifications and lasted over four times longer than the original version.