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Heatsense Cables Purchases PTFE Paste Extrusion Line

Heatsense is in the process of installing and commissioning a new PTFE Paste Extrusion Line.

Final commissioning is scheduled to begin towards the end of November 2021.

This will enable the Company to offer a range of equipment wires & cables notably, Type A, Type B and Type C in various constructions.

In addition, a comprehensive range of Single-Shot Wires & Cables will also be manufactured. 

The manufactured ranges will have all necessary International Approvals and will include Defence Standard 61-12 Part 8 and BS3G210.

The PTFE Extrusion Line will complement Heatsense’s existing Cable Wrapping and Sintering Lines which currently wrap and sinter, PTFE, Aramid Yarns and other specialist cable wrapping materials.

Heatsense Cables Purchases PTFE Paste Extrusion Line