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Matt Ashton Appointed Operations Manager at Heatsense Cables Limited

Matt Ashton joined Heatsense Cables as Operations Manager on 4th January this year. He comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge in Specialist High Performance Cable Manufacturing.

Matt spent 10 years at Carlisle Interconnect Technologies in Littleborough as Manufacturing /Production Manager prior to its closure and the transfer of the business to Carlisle Interconnect in Mexico.

Before joining Heatsense Matt was Operations Manager at Heat Trace Limited - the leading manufacturer of heating cables in the world.

Heatsense Cables, established in 1984, is regarded as the UK’s leading specialist high-performance thermocouple and signal cable manufacturer. Its manufacturing capabilities cover a broad range of specialist cables that operate in extreme environments. The company is a technology leader in fluoropolymer extrusion, high-performance taping and cable wrapping. Related processes include cover sintering, colouring, etching and the application of various specialist coatings. The range covers cables that are resistant to flame, oils and chemicals and which operate in ultra-high vacuum, cryogenic and high radiation environments. Markets include aerospace, nuclear, automotive, medical, R&D, Oil & Gas and general industry.

Heatsense is EN9100:2018, ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 Accredited and has F4N Status.