Custom Flat Wire


In the medical industry, flat wire is used for a variety of cardiovascular and Custom Flat Wire for the Medical Device Indusdiagnostic applications. Heatsense is able to offer these high-tensile custom wires to tight dimensional tolerances using premium alloys that feature uniform mechanical properties. As an example a customer specified 304 vacuum melt stainless steel wire, due to its physical properties as well as its chemical composition.

The ability to manufacture to extremely precise dimensions is exhibited in this project. For this application, the tolerances were ±0.0381mm for the width and ±0.0127mm for the thickness. Dimensions and tolerances were verified with dimensional inspection throughout manufacturing. In addition, comprehensive testing was also performed to verify tensile strength and elongation. The customer’s specification also requested specific winding tensions, specific lengths and different colours per bobbin.

  • Production Description: Flat Wire
  • Capabilities Applied/Processes: Flatten – Wind on Bobbins   
  • Part Material: 304 Vacuum Stainless Steel
  • Tightest Tolerances: Width ±0.0127mm Thickness ±0.00508

Most specifications have the following requirements:

  • Ultimate Tensile Strength: this can be adjusted based on the round wire that is used, usually is a +/- 20,000 psi  
  • Dimensional Tolerances: can be down to +/- 0.00508mm depending on the size, usually one dimension is the critical dimension and the other has a slightly higher tolerance.
  • Elongation: is a function of tensile strength, can be a maximum (e.g. <10%) or a range (e.g. 2-7%)

Notes: Most specifications call for 304VMSS but different alloys can be offered.