Custom Stranding

Medical industry applications for wire and cable can be very specialized. As medical electronics become more complex; the specifications for wire & cable become increasingly stringent.

Heatsense is able to provide products across a wide range of applications for medical based systems. In many cases, these systems call for a highly flexible stranding. One example of this is the 49 ends of 0.040mm (46 AWG) 316L stainless steel standing. This stranding is insulated with PTFE - final insulation OD 0.5588mm - 0.6604mm. A variation of this is also manufactured with a slightly larger stranding but the same OD requirements. These cables are used in cardiac arrest electrodes and customers may specify any colour insulation as well as stranding to fit specific needs.

  • Product Description: 7x7 PTFE Insulated 316L SS
  • Material Used: Medical Grade 316L Stainless Steel, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) Insulation
  • Product Description Material Finish: 0.5588mm - 0.6604mm PTFE Insulation

Notes: This product is used to attach the wire to needles for cardiac pacing leads.