High Flex Braided Cable

At Heatsense we specialize in the manufacture of custom cables & wire that can accommodate the most exacting requirements. This capability is demonstrated in the highly flexible braided cable project highlighted below. This cable was used in a sensor application where it was exposed to low pressure and low temperature.

The cable was manufactured with highly flexible bunch stranding of 51 strands of 0.040mm (46 AWG) OFHC Bare Copper. This allowed for superior flex-life while maintaining the favourable electrical properties of larger strandings. Each member was then insulated with FEP to a diameter of 0.508mm ± 0.0254mm. Use of FEP allows for long lengths and a variety of colours. FEP has no lower service temperature rating and has Low Outgassing characteristics which allowed for its use in low temperature and vacuum environment. The strands were then layed-up with a long lay to an OD of 2.082mm. A Silver Plated Copper shield was then applied to reduce external electrical interference resulting in the final cable with a nominal OD of 2.54mm for the entire construction.

  • Product Description: Sensor Cable
  • Material Used: 0.287mm (29AWG) – (51x46AWG) Oxygen Free Copper, FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene)
  • Material Finish: OFHC Silver Plated Copper Shield