Sub-miniature PTFE Hook-up Wire

Heatsense offers a range of fine gauge, thin wall Sub-miniature PTFE Hook-up Wire products. These are offered in extruded PTFE to provide a consistent and smooth outside diameter with no seams or surface imperfections that can occur in tape-wrapped constructions. All products are currently offered in solid colours.
Silver plated copper constructions are rated to 200˚C max continuous service temperature. Conductors such as nickel plated copper, stainless steel (304/316L), high strength copper alloys, silver plated copper clad steel and thermocouple wire are also offered.

PTFE has a V0 flammability rating (UL 94) and is listed as low-outgassing.

PTFE Equipment Hook Up Wire

Voltage ratings for standard constructions are listed in the table below. Custom, thinner wall constructions are available with reduced voltage rating or for mechanical purposes only. Wire can be etched for bondability if required.