What kind of INTEMP® cable do you need?

Heatsense Cables Manufacture INTEMP Cables for Extreme Heat Environments. A high-performance cable made with flexible nickel-plated conductors, PFA insulated cores, Mica Tape and heat-treated varnish, designed specifically to operate reliably under more arduous high temperature industrial conditions. It is moisture resistant, tough and flexible and offers a continuous conductor operating temperature of 250°C.

As well as being easy to handle, easy to install and crimp, INTEMP® 250 has been proven to last up to four times longer than other high temperature cables. Installing INTEMP® 250 in equipment at the manufacturing stage means fewer breakdowns thus avoiding costly down time.

INTEMP® 250 High Performance Cable

INTEMP® 250 is easily terminated with nickel-plated lugs using conventional crimping techniques. Heatsense supplies these cables in a range of sizes and diameters. INTEMP Cables

Details required 

  • Can be supplied in multicore
  • Individual colours available
  • Sizes available – 1mm to 35mm
  • Available in a variety of lengths
  • etc