Part No Conductor Material Construction Colour Code Specification
SPCA71210 Silver Plated Copper PTFE Insulated Type A RED
Insulation Number of cores Number of strands Conductor size (mm) Cross section area (mm²) Nominal overall diameter (mm) Insulation temperature rating (°C) Voltage rating Current rating Conductor resistance (Ohms/km @ 20°C)
PTFE 1 7 0.12 0.089 0.71 NOMINAL -75 to +260 300 Volts RMS 3 amps @ 20°C ambient in free air
Part No SPCA71210
Conductor Material Silver Plated Copper
Construction PTFE Insulated Type A
Colour Code RED
Insulation PTFE
Number of cores 1
Number of strands 7
Conductor size (mm) 0.12
Cross section area (mm²) 0.089
Nominal overall diameter (mm) 0.71 NOMINAL
Insulation temperature rating (°C) -75 to +260
Voltage rating 300 Volts RMS
Current rating 3 amps @ 20°C ambient in free air
Conductor resistance (Ohms/km @ 20°C)