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Bespoke Cables for Extreme Environments

Our bespoke cables are designed with the customer in mind and to deal with the most extreme environments. Heatsense Cables can provide tailor made, cost effective cable solutions which meet all international standards.

Our custom cable design and manufacturing service covers all industries from Medical, Automotive, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Industrial, Pharmaceutical and Aerospace. Our broad range of base materials, coatings, jackets, braiding and very strict tolerance demands allow us to produce cables to suit most requirements.

The company also manufacture and stock a wide range of more standard high-performance cables all of which meet international standards. 

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Bespoke Cables Manufactured by Heatsense Cables

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Bespoke cable solution gets flooring manufacturer back on track

Cable burnouts in confined spaces were causing major disruption to an international flooring manufacturer. After attempting to solve the problem through conventional means, the customer reached out to Heatsense's bespoke cable design team for support. Following thorough inspections of ambient temperatures and electrical current demands, Heatsense developed a bespoke cable specification that was designed and manufactured tailored to the environment in the factory. The outcome? No further breakdowns, greater throughput and a happy customer.

Bespoke braided Kevlar cable technology saves the day for aluminium foil manufacturer

A global aluminium foil manufacturer was suffering numerous production delays due to mechanical failings of their existing cable solution. Heatsense used its extensive knowledge of high-tech fibre manufacturers to identify a flexible and robust bespoke cable solution utilising a braided Kevlar cable. The introduction of a new Kevlar material increased product lifetime four times over and exceeded initial technical design specifications.

Bespoke Cable - Multicore Solution by Heatsense Cables
Bespoke Cable for Extreme or Radioactive Environments by Heatsense Cables
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