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Case Studies

Here you'll find a snapshot of cabling applications we've supplied to a wide range of industries - take a look.

High Radiation, Ultra High Vacuum, Zero Outgassing​ Case Study

High Radiation, Ultra High Vacuum, Zero Outgassing​ Case Study

Our customer reached out to us to help them with the development of a high radiation resistant cable capable of operating in an ultra-high vacuum environment, exhibit zero outgassing characteristics and withstand radiation levels up to 1000 Megarads.

Bespoke High Temperature Cable Colour Coding Case Study

Bespoke High Temperature Cable Colour Coding Case Study

The customer were trying to find a high temperature thermocouple cable, with each core easily identifiable at temperatures in excess of 600°C.

The result of the work of the R & D team at Heatsense was a high temperature fibreglass thermocouple cable able to withstand temperatures of 700°C whilst retaining pigment/colour identification of all cores. This enhancement resulted in less maintenance down time and significant cost savings.


Nuclear Industry Cables Case Study

Nuclear Industry Cables | Case Study

A UK-based nuclear industry subcontractor reached out for radiation resistant cables support on a time-critical upgrade project after discovering their current solution was unsuitable for hazardous environments.

Taking on additional staff and working throughout the entire weekend, Heatsense delivere…

Medical cables

Medical Cables

A specialist OEM for the medical industry found it difficult and expensive to source medical cables with a particularly fine thermocouple wire. The customer was sourcing separate wires and twisting them together to produce a twisted pair but found great difficulty in controlling lay length - an impo…

Thermocouple Case Study


A global aluminium foil manufacturer was suffering numerous production delays due to mechanical failings of their cable solution.

Heatsense used its extensive knowledge as high-tech glass fibre cable manufacturers to identify a flexible and robust solution utilising Kevlar. Introducing the new Kevla…

Flooring Industry Bespoke Cable Case Study


Cable burnouts in confined spaces were causing major disruption to an international flooring manufacturer. After attempting to solve the problem through conventional means, the customer reached out to Heatsense for support.

Following thorough inspections of ambient temperatures and electrical curren…

Interested in your own solution?

We work alongside businesses across an extensive range of industries. Whether you need a cable with specific fire performance for an industrial application or a tailor-made product required for a specialist application, we have the capability to design, manufacture, and deliver to the very highest quality and safety standards. Whatever your cable requirements, we’re confident you’ll find the solution that’s right for you.