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Case Study: Flooring

Flooring Company Bespoke Cable Design & Development by Heatsense Cables


An international flooring manufacturer continued to suffer regular machine breakdowns due to cable burnout in a confined area with difficult access. This was causing major disruption due to unplanned machine stoppages and downtime resulting in poor customer service levels.


The company approached Heatsense after several failed attempts at finding an industrial cable solution through more conventional channels. Following a detailed description of the over the phone, Heatsense sent out a member of the Cable Design Team to inspect the cables in question. Focus was given to the cable's point of failure as this was inevitably the root cause.

A thorough inspection was carried out and technical measurements were undertaken relating to ambient temperatures and electrical current demands. A new, bespoke cable specification was designed and manufactured for the customer and sent for testing. After successful field-testing, all machines in question were rewired resulting in no further breakdowns, greater throughput and a happy customer.

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