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Case Study: High Radiation, Ultra High Vacuum, Zero Outgassing​ Case Study

Diamond Light Nuclear Cables Case Study

High Radiation, Ultra High Vacuum, Zero Outgassing​ Problem

Customer request for the development of a high radiation resistant cable capable of operating in an ultra-high vacuum environment, exhibit zero outgassing characteristics and withstand radiation levels up to 1000 Megarads.

Radiation resistant cables are available but as radiation levels increase the range of cables able to withstand high radiation doses for prolonged periods of time diminishes. Add in an ultra-high vacuum atmosphere, zero gassing and the list of available cables becomes extremely narrow.


Challenges faced included, high radiation tolerance, flexibility, tensile strength, weight, overall diameter and material costs. Following desktop research, a high radiation resistant material was identified that could be adapted and used in the cable manufacturing process. The material needed to be slit, wrapped around special conductors and sintered. Significant challenges were encountered in identifying a company capable of slitting thin film into 2.3mm widths.

Following extensive trials, final samples were tested internally and subsequently by a specialist R&D Facility where radiation tolerance and outgassing could be tested in an ultra-high vacuum environment. Test results showed that the cable met and passed all technical requirements.

The cable is used in specialist highly demanding environments including Space, Aerospace and R&D facilities throughout the world. ​

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