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Case Study: Nuclear Industry Cables | Case Study

Nuclear Industry Cables Case Study


A UK-based nuclear plant was upgrading its Spent Fuel Storage System and required bespoke temperature monitoring cables for an extremely hazardous radioactive environment.

The technical design, delivery and installation of a bespoke radiation resistant cable was time-critical to the entire project as it was discovered late that the cables previously used were unsuitable for the upgrade.


The initial enquiry was received on a Monday and the final technical specification approved and signed off by Thursday of the same week. Due to the time-critical nature of the project Heatsense laid on extra staff and worked over the entire weekend to fulfil the customer’s requirements.

By 7.00am on the Monday – just one week after the initial enquiry -  bespoke cables were delivered to the Nuclear Plant and installed the same day. Typically, the lead time for this type of a bespoke thermocouple cable would have been 4 – 6 weeks, however, Heatsense understood the critical nature of the production and were happy to go the extra mile. Thanks to the quick turnaround, there were no delays to the nuclear site upgrade and the subcontractor was delighted.

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