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Latest Products

Here at Heatsense Cables we are constantly adding new products to our portfolio and finding more efficient ways to produce more accurate, heat resistant and specialist cables. Check out the latest new products we are launching within Heatsense via this latest products page.



INTEMP Cables Resistant up to 1300°C

INTEMP Cables Resistant up to 1300°C

Heatsense Cables are in the final stages of developing our INTEMP™ brand of cables (cables for extreme temperatures; -196°C through to +1,300°C). We are able to manufacture these cables but have not branded and promoted the range yet. 

You can speak to one of our dedicated extreme temperature cable advisors right now, they’ll speak with you to understand your needs and establish the best solution at the right price.



Radiation Resistant Cables

Radiation Resistance for Nuclear

Heatsense have recently launched a full range of highly sensitive, fully radiation resistant cables to monitor heat, vibration and radiation levels. These radiation resistant cables are based on silver or nickel plated copper conductors, polyimide taped insulation and use a compact, lightweight insulation system. They are also designed to be low smoke, flame retardant, high temperature resistant using a polyimide film for high radiation resistance.  

Insulated wires can be screened or laid up into multi-core cables and over-sheathed with equally radiation resistant materials. Thermocouple versions are also available.

Sample cable characteristics: Voltage rating: 600v RMS, Temperature rating: -75°C to +200°C for SPCW -75°c to +300°C for NPCW, Radiation resistance: 1000 megarads, Chemical resistance: Excellent

Please get in touch with us to speak to our cable design team about radiation resistant cables for your business.



20kV Power Cables

Launching our 20kV Power Cables

Having had a request from an existing customer, Heatsense have developed a full range of high voltage cables for Industrial use, which are capable of carrying voltages of up to 20kV.

Please get in touch with us to speak to our cable design team about high voltage cables for industrial and commercial use.