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Investing in Expanding our Product Lines

Over the course of 2020 Heatsense has continued to invest in plant, equipment, systems and people. We have also acquired an additional 5,000 sqft. of manufacturing space. Our manufacturing capability has continued to broaden, and we will be launching a range of new high-performance wires & cables early in the New Year.

This expanded range will cover:

  • Radiation Resistant Wires & Cables
  • LSOH (also Radiation Resistant) Low and Medium Temperature Wires & Cables
  • Extreme Temperature Wires & Cables – expansion of the INTEMP™ Brand up to 1,300°C
  • Sensor Wires & Cables
  • High Voltage Wires & Cables up to 30KvDC
  • UHV (Ultra High Vacuum) Wires & Cables
  • AccuTemp™ calibration tolerances double that of Special Limits thermocouple wires
  • XL (Cross Linked) range of ETFE Wires & Cables     
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