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Aerospace Cables

High performance Aerospace cables

Heatsense recently achieved the AS 9100 Rev D certified for quality manufacturing in the Aerospace industry. All of our Aerospace cables are manufactured to the highest required specifications and we are able to build even the most complex cables using our fully equipped UK-based workshop. Heatsense also have some of the best cable designers in the industry who are able to design and build cables to incredibly tight tolerances for high sensitivity and high performance in the most extreme environments.

Tier 1 suppliers to Aerospace Industry Giant

As a direct result of achieving AS9100 Rev D, Heatsense have now been approved and are now producing test and development cables to Rolls Royce for the testing rigs used for their new Ultrafan engine project. We are manufacturing a variety of cables to their technical designs, which will be used directly on the engine testing rig.

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Aerospace Cables for Rolls Royce Ultrafan by Heatsense Cables
Specialist Aerospace Cables by Heatsense