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PFA Equipment Wire & Cable

PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy) is a fluoropolymer with similar properties to PTFE. PFA equipment wire provides excellent resistance to chemicals, oils, lubricants, and extreme temperatures, superior flexibility and improved dielectric strength.

PFA Equipment Wire by Heatsense Cables

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Key Characteristics
  • Operating temperature: -75°C to +260°C
  • 300V, 600V or 1000V Rating
  • Available with Silver-Plated or Nickel-Plated Conductors
  • Range of 11 standard colour and striped colour options for ease of identification
  • Compact, lightweight for space and weight saving 
  • Superior dielectric properties 
  • Good flexibility 
  • Perfect for both insulations and jackets 
Typical Applications
  • Military Communications & Avionics
  • High Intensity Lighting 
  • OEM Appliance Wiring
  • Industrial Applications 
  • Extreme Environments 
Product Data

PFA insulated equipment wires are designed and offered as an alternative to Types A, B and C referenced in the BS 3G 210:1996 specification for PTFE insulated equipment wires & cables.