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Heat Resistant Cables

Heatsense manufacture a number of different heat resistant cables including our own brand called INTEMP™ cables. Whether you are looking for a solution to work in an environment with extremely high temperatures or just for higher accuracy and strict tolerance, we have heat resistant cables which we have developed to include additional benefits such as mechanical resistance, radiation resistance and shielding.

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Where are Heatsense heat resistant cables used?
  • Steel and Aluminium Industry
  • Glass Factories
  • Oil Refineries
  • Offshore Rigs
  • Pottery Kilns
  • Catering & Food Production Ovens

This range of cables also resist chemicals, acids, lubricants, and water and can be used as a power, coaxial, thermocouple and control cable.  These cables can also be customer specified to operate in high radiation environments.  

Advantages of our heat resistant cables?

Our Heat Resistant cable products are constructed with combinations of Mica Tape, Glass fibre or Ceramic fibre Insulations, for temperature ratings from -75°C to 1250°C.

As well as being easy to handle, easy to install and crimp, our cables have been proven to last up to four times longer than other high temperature cables. Installing Heatsense cables in equipment at the manufacturing stage means fewer breakdowns thus avoiding costly down time

Key Features
  • Can be supplied in multicore
  • Individual colours available
  • Sizes available – 0.50mm² to 35mm²
  • Available in a variety of lengths
Bespoke Cable Design

Not sure what you need?

We can help

We have the expertise and the manufacturing capabilities to help you design bespoke cable solutions made to your own specification.

Glass Fibre Heat Resistant Cables
Polyimide and Glass Fibre Heat Resistant Cables

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Our design team can solve your bespoke needs

Our design team can solve your bespoke needs

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