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High-Voltage Cables & Wires

Heatsense’s has a standard range of high-voltage cables (up to 25kVDC), which include FEP, PTFE and PFA cables all with excellent corona-resistant characteristics.

High Voltage Cables by Heatsense

Advantages of high voltage cables

Extruded FEP high voltage cables offer outstanding dielectric strength without the disadvantages common to equally voltage rated silicone cables.

Steady State Range

All Heatsense’s high voltage cables have a recommended steady state DC voltage rating at temperatures between -70°C to 200°C in the case of FEP and -70°C to 250 °C in the case of PTFE and PFA.

Dielectric Testing

All cables are subject to a dielectric insulation test with the test designed to subject the cable to a voltage greater than the designed operating voltage.  

Dielectric strength test voltages are based on either internal Heatsense specification or UL758 High Voltage DC Wire Dielectric Voltage - Withstand Test Methods

Bend Radius Guidance

20x cable diameter if flexed

10x cable diameter if tied down

8x cable diameter if potted


Bespoke Cable Design

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We have the expertise and the manufacturing capabilities to help you design bespoke cable solutions made to your own specification.

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Our design team can solve your bespoke needs

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