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Micro Wires or Miniature Cables

Heatsense offers a specialised range of custom drawn micro wires, ribbon wire, stranding, insulating, cutting and stripping of miniature cable at 0.025mm (AWG 50) and larger. This range is offered coated, braided or taped in PTFE, FEP, PFA and ETFE and extruded on various nonferrous, ferrous, plated, un-plated, thermocouple and alloy wires in single end, concentric, roped and bunched configurations.

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Micro and Miniature Wires from Heatsense

Extruded walls as thin as 0.0889mm with PTFE are just one of our precision engineered products. Stainless steel reinforced stranded conductors are available as replacements for expensive alloy conductors. Heatsense manufactures flat stainless steel wire for braiding, as well as flat silver plated wire and bare copper wire for shielding.

These fine wires & cables are generally customised short runs with close OD tolerance control, thin walls, fine sizes, flexible constructions, long lengths, etched surfaces, extruded stripes, as well as PTFE capillary tubing. We can also offer our bespoke design service for a very specific set of requirements, tolerences or material specifications.

These wires can be cabled, shielded, jacketed, cut (lengths from 12.7mm) and heat stripped to customer specifications.


Heatsense offers thin walled PTFE capillary tubing ranging from 0.3048mm OD to 2.413mm OD with a wall thickness of 0.0508mm ± 0.0127mm or more. These can be precision cut to lengths as short as 0.1524mm ± 0.00508mm with ID and OD tolerances held to ± 0.0254mm. This tubing is available stress relieved, hydrostatically tested, in solid colours or with inlaid extruded stripes and with ID and/or OD etched for bondability. It can be used for fibre optic splices, ultra-miniature electrical sleeving, medical, mechanical, gas, and chemical tubing. In addition to wire, Heatsense offers very fine PTFE mono-filaments 0.254mm OD and larger.

Bespoke Cable Design

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We have the expertise and the manufacturing capabilities to help you design bespoke cable solutions made to your own specification.

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Our design team can solve your bespoke needs

Our design team can solve your bespoke needs

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