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Radiation Resistant Cable

Heatsense’s range of radiation resistant cable and wires are designed to operate in areas where safety is critical and radiation tolerance is required. This range of cables are manufactured with the ability to withstand extreme environmental conditions of radiation, temperature and pressure.

Radiation Resistant Cable

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What materials are used?

Due to its excellent radiation resistance, Polyimide is frequently used in high radiation environments where a thin, flexible insulating material is required. In outer space, Polyimide is used both alone and in combination with other materials where radiation resistance and minimum weight is necessary. Polyimide is also used in nuclear reactors and linear accelerators.

Other insulations include ETFE and PEEK.


Cable types available

Single wires can be used to create multi-conductor constructions and thermocouple types.

Bespoke Cable Design

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We have the expertise and the manufacturing capabilities to help you design bespoke cable solutions made to your own specification.

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