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Sensor Wires & Cables

Heatsense Cables are a UK-based specialist cable manufacturer who can produce a broad range of custom designed Sensor Wires for use in the most challenging and extreme environments. We produce a core range of sensor wires & cables that are all designed and manufactured in our own factory in the UK. We can also build a bespoke solution if you require something very specific, which is not specified. 


Sensor Wires by Heatsense Cables

Click on the datasheet link below to see our full sensor wire product range or get in touch about a specific requirement you have.

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Why choose Heatsense for Sensor Wire & Cables?

With clients from the Oil and Gas to the Steel and Nuclear industries, we are confident we have a cable to suit your requirements. If we haven't listed exactly what you need in our use cases below, please get in touch with our team of expert cable designers who may be able to design and create a bespoke cable to meet your requirements. All of our cables are made to order so you can rest assured we have a solution for you.

A number of our cables have been certified Fit For Nuclear and we regularly supply sensor cables into the Nuclear industry.

What is a sensor wire?

Sensor wire is a specialist cale designed for the transmission of performance of signal/data from a sensor, transmitter or transducer to a central control unit. With a sensor wire you can measure differential pressure, liquid and gas flow and temperature, however there are many additional uses.

What are sensor wires used for?

Sensor Wires & Cables can be used for the following measurements:

  • Accelerometers including vibration, positioning, speed, and displacement
  • Radiation
  • Chemical, including Lamda/02
  • Proximity
  • Level and low
  • Pressure
  • Metrology
Bespoke Cable Design

Not sure what you need?

We can help

We have the expertise and the manufacturing capabilities to help you design bespoke cable solutions made to your own specification.