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PTFE Equipment Wire & Cable

Heatsense Cables manufactures a range of PTFE Equipment Wires - Type A, Type B and Type C which are all BS3G210:1996 Approved. 

PTFE (Polytetrafluorethylene) is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene which offers outstanding resistance to chemicals, oils, lubricants, extreme temperatures and particularly suitable for use in extreme environments.

PTFE Cable by Heatsense Cables

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Key Characteristics
  • Operating Temperature: -75°C - +260°C
  • 300V to 1000V Rating
  • Available with Silver-Plated or Nickel-Plated conductors 
  • Range of 11 standard colours and striped colour options for ease of identification
  • Superior dielectric properties
  • Non-Flammable
  • Can be supplied with an etched surface finish to improve adhesion with potting or encapsulation materials  
  • Available in Taped or Extruded insulation systems 
  • Available in screened, multicore and thermocouple constructions 


Typical Applications
  • Military Communications and Avionics
  • Aerospace and Aircraft Wire Harnessing
  • Automotive Sensor Systems 
  • OEM Appliance Wiring
  • Industrial Applications 
  • Extreme Environments
Product Data - PTFE BS3G210 :1996

A range of PTFE Equipment Wires approved by QinetiQ to meet the BS3G210:1996 specification. 

Temperature Rating: 

  • -75°C to 190°C for Silver Plated Copper Conductors 
  • -75°C to 260°C for Nickel Plated Copper Conductors 
Product Data - PTFE Military Specification Styles

A range of PTFE equipment wires  which meet the requirements of the NEMA HP4 (MIL-W-16878) specification.

Temperature Rating: 

  • -65°C to 200°C for Silver-Plated Copper Conductors 
  • -65°C to 260°C for Nickel-Plated Copper Conductors

Voltage Rating: 

  • Type ET: 250V rms
  • Type E: 600V rms
  • Type EE: 1000V rms
PTFE Cable & Equipment Wire by Heatsense Cables